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Version: 6.4.0

Contributing Code | Development

Send pull requests

You can send us bug fixes, modifications, or entire functionalities using Pull Requests. You can also review Pull Requests submitted by others and comment on them. If you want to find out more about Pull Requests, please take a look at the GitHub documentation.

YetiForce programmers will first review and verify the code you send us, and then, if all the conditions are met, merge your Pull Request. Sending Pull Requests requires signing a CLA.


How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub is a free video course that explains how Pull Requests work.

YetiForce CLA

CLA stands for Contributor License Agreement and is mandatory to add/modify our code. This document protects both you and our company from false copyright claims concerning the code. If we don't receive a signed CLA from you, we will unfortunately not be able to accept your Pull Requests.

Coding standards

We do our best to make sure the code follows all the most recent standards to ensure the highest level of security of the application. All Pull Requests submitted in our repository are automatically verified by a number of tools, and then manually verified by our team. Please make sure the code you send us follows these [coding practices].


Please get in touch with us before you begin writing a new module or functionality, so that we can confirm that a simiar one doesn't already exist or we're not currently working on one.