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Building the community around YetiForce

We aim at building a large community around YetiForce and we hope that together we will create and develop the best open system for companies. Our project can be found on GitHub where communities and open projects complement one another and define a common direction of development.

YetiForce is open source, which means that everyone who likes the system can join the community, make changes and contribute to the project. We have developed some general principles that will determine the discussion standards.

Who can join the community

  • Our community is open for everyone who is willing to improve YetiForce with us.

Language of discussions

  • English is assumed to be the official language of our community, as it is universal and well understood by the majority of our community.
  • YetiForce team provides support services in Polish and English.
  • Community members can also write in other languages but should label an issue, e.g. [PL], [DE]. However, bear in mind that inactive issues in different languages than PL/EN will be closed regardless of whether they have been resolved or not.
  • It is important to remember that English is a foreign language to many community members, so please focus on the logic and the message someone wants to communicate, not so much on the grammar.

Culture of discussions

  • It is crucial not to offend anyone and to respect others because we all have different characters and different points of view. YetiForce doesn't plan to moderate the content of issues. Community members are usually people who are in managerial positions in companies, so the content of their statements should be at a high substantive level and with respect for the others.
  • People who offend others or attack YetiForce products/company will be ignored because we focus only on substantive and constructive discussions. Posts may be deleted in very exceptional cases and their authors reported to GitHub team and blocked.

Target group

  • The community is open to everyone, but not everyone will find their place in this community. The primary goal is to gather a group of people who are willing to create a better product with us, and want to have a real impact on its development through discussing plans for long and short-term developments. People who are willing to share their passion about open source and system are going to feel exceptionally well here. This means that we want to build the community that will cooperate for months or even years.
  • A person who joins our community for the sole purpose of criticizing our project and doesn't bring any added value won't feel comfortable here, because people with such an attitude will be ignored. We communicate mainly with people who contribute their effort and skills to improve YetiForce.

Discussion order

  • It is one of the key points because a proper discussion order allows to save time and reduces the likelihood of overlooking an important post. If one issue contains many different topics that, in fact, should be added as separate issues, it is likely that a reply won't be satisfactory. This point relates mainly to "difficult" topics where the discussion is very lively and dynamic.
  • Bear in mind that sometimes asking three questions requires a very long and complex answer and each of the questions may influence the discussion differently and lead it to a completely different direction than the author assumed. At the end, such a discussion may end because all responses will be mixed up and this may cause confusion.

The influence of the community on the development of YetiForce

  • The community has a significant influence on the development of YetiForce. We implemented a lot of suggestions posted on GitHub. It is also common that some community members send changes directly to GitHub, YetiForce team verifies them and implements to the project. The discussions with the community have a huge impact on the final implementation of a functionality or on a modification of an existing one.
  • Despite the fact that the community has such a strong influence on the project, YetiForce Ltd cannot accept and implement every suggestion. The development of YetiForce is governed by business logic that comply with future plans for the development. The greater the commitment of YetiForce community will be towards the project, the more likely we will be to agree to changes that are different from our current vision. The minority cannot influence the majority without providing any substantial justification. Until YetiForce Ltd invests more effort and resources into the development of the system than the community does, YetiForce Ltd will still remain the primary decision making authority. When writing about effort and resources we don't mean the amount of posts or people taking part in discussions, but the actual work that can be seen on GitHub because, in the future, the changes on GitHub will reflect the amount of effort invested in YetiForce and will indicate how much the system has changed in comparison to other systems.