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Record collectors

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Record collector is used to load data from various sources and enables displaying and loading data into the YetiForce CRM system.


The mechanism is available in all modules, however it has to be enabled and configured for each module to work correctly.


Collectors can be configured in the following panel: Software configuration → Integration → Record collectors

Available collectors

Below is a list of all currently available record collectors. Free collectors available in the system by default are marked with ★, the remaining ones can be purchased from the Marketplace. We regularly add new record collectors to the YetiForce system.

  • GUS [PL] - Fetches data on Polish companies from the online REGON 1(BIR1) database provided by GUS
  • ★ VIES [EU] - Checks if the business entity has a valid VAT-EU number for intra-community transactions within the European Union
  • KRS [PL] - Fetches data on Polish companies from The National Court Register in Poland (KRS)
  • Receita WS CNPJ [BR] - Fetches data on Brazilian companies from the database of the Federal Tax Office of Brazil (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas) provided by Receita WS
  • Swiss Zefix [CH] - Fetches data on Swiss companies from the Swiss Central Business Name Index (Zentraler Firmenindex)
  • Danish CVR [DK] - Fetches data on Danish and Norwegian companies via CVR API from the Danish Central Business Register (CVR)
  • Data Gouv [FR] - Fetches data on French companies from the INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Études Économiques)
  • Brreg Enhetsregisteret [NO] - Fetches data on Norwegian companies from the Central Brønnøysund Database (The Brønnøysund Register Centre)
  • North Data - Fetches data about companies North Data's company database
  • ★ Orb Intelligence - Fetches companies data from around the world
  • CEIDG [PL] - Fetches data on Polish companies from the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity in Poland (CEIDG)
  • VAT [PL] - Verifies whether an entity is an active, exempt, or unregistered VAT taxpayer in Poland
  • ★ YouControl [UA] - Fetches data on Ukrainian companies from the YouControl database provided by YouScore API
  • Companies House [GB] - Fetches data on UK companies from the Comapnies House agency
  • VAT [GB] - Verifies whether a company is registered as a VAT taxpayer in the United Kingdom
  • EDGAR [USA] - Fetches data on US companies from the United States Securities and Exchange Commission via EDGAR
  • - Fetches data from database, which also contains the taxpayer's current status