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Problems with system registration

The following article will help you if you have problems with confirming the registration, or your registration status is stuck at Pending approval.

If the status has not changed a few days after registration, please follow the steps below:

Update the registration status

Go to System settings → Company → Company

Click the Check status button, on the right side the time of the last update should change to a moment ago.


If the time does not change, please go to point 2.

Check the last status check message

An error message will be displayed under the icon if there are problems with communication with the YetiForce server.

The message is shown only in the case of communication errors, in the case of other errors, the message will not be displayed.


If nothing changes during status check, make sure your server has the correct configuration

To do this, go to System configuration → Logs → Server - configuration

The most common cause of errors in the system and registration is incorrect server configuration. You can find more information about server configuration in this article.

Check logs

If there is any error while checking the registration status, it will definitely be visible in the system or PHP or FPM, or web server logs.

Run verbose logs in system as described in the Debugging article.

Your app id has changed

Sometimes changes are made on the server after registration, which changes the APP ID of the system.

For this reason, the system cannot retrieve up-to-date information, because the ID is different from the one that was provided during registration and the new ID does not exist in the database.

In this case, re-registration is required; please go the System settings → Company → Company

Send a message to us


Please click the check registration status button BEFORE SENDING US A MESSAGE because all registrations are verified manually.

If you have a problem with registration and this article did not help you solve the problem, send a message to with the following information: