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Troubleshooting inactive and malfunctioning addons

The article below explains troubleshooting inactive or malfunctioning addons purchased in the Marketplace.

Update registration status

YetiForce must be correctly registered in order for the Marketplace and purchased addons to work properly. If your registration is still pending even though you provided all the necessary information during the registration process you can refresh your registration status by clicking the Check status button in System settings → Company → Company details.

Check if YetiForce is up to date and fully patched.

Updates fix issues reported by the community and our employees that's why it's crucial to keep your system up to date.

  • More information about the update process can be found in the System update article.
  • A complete list of patches can be found in the Releases tab in our GitHub repository.

Check server configuration.

Misconfiguration of the server impacts the whole system and can lead to a variety of unpredictable problems, including issues with obtaining information about active subscriptions and purchases.


More information about server requirements and configuration can be found in the following articles: YetiForce requirements and Server - configuration.

Enable logs

Enable PHP, system, and web server logs and make sure the communication with server is working. It's important to enable PHP logs so that the system can record error messages.


More information can be found in the Debugging guide.

Contact YetiForce support and provide logs

If your issues persist you can contact us by sending an email and providing all the information below:

We recommend using encryption (PGP/GPG) to send us your credentials. The list of all required information can be found in the Access data to the YetiForce CRM system article.